Beginner’s Kitchen ( Recipes and Tips )

Here are some basic recipes and tips for beginners. Some of the tips and recipes are known to many people. But I want to share those in one page.

  • How to cook rice in electric cooker, pressure cooker, in a vessel?
  • How to cook basmati rice for biryani/ pulao?
  • How to make hard boiled eggs?
  • How to make perfect soft boiled eggs?
  • How to make omelette without sticking with pan/tawa?
  • How to clean plantain flower?
  • How to make idli/dosa batter?
  • How to make chappathi?
  • How to manage wooden cutting board?
  • How to make gun powder for idli/dosa?
  • How to make rasam powder?
  • How to make garam masala?
  • How to make 65 masala powder?
  • How to make sambar/ lentil soup?
  • How to make sambar powder?
  • Baking tips for beginners
  • How to make fruit salad and vegetable salad?
  • How to make poached eggs?
  • How to boil lentils for sambar, curry?
  • How to prepare ginger garlic paste?

This page will be updated and linked whenever new ideas get popped out of my mind. So keep checking and your tips and suggestions are important.